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*** Corporation Member ***

Name hakusui Role CEO代理
Race Amarr,Khanid Date of Birth 2006.10.13
Active Time 21:30〜02:00 Date of Join 2006.11.04
Active Area Sinq Laison
Ship Apoc Support Custom / Prophecy Salvage Custom etc...
Main Work Mission Support / Loot & Salvage / Money counting :)
Comment 実は秘書だったりします (*´∇`)ゞ

Name Nishi Tora Role COO
Race Gallente,Jin-mei Date of Birth 2006.11.08
Active Time 22:00〜0:00 Date of Join 2006.11.09
Active Area Sinq Laison
Ship Hyperion
Main Work Mission running
Comment Comment Plzzzzzzz (CEO)

Name Xiaophy Role 2nd class Member
Race Caldari,Achura Date of Birth 2006.09.06
Active Time 17:00〜3:00 Date of Join 2006.12.26
Active Area Domain / The Citadel / Sinq Laison / Verge Vendor etc...
Ship Raven / Rokh / Drake / Charon
Main Work Mission Running / Mining / Research
Comment 不〇家の板チョコ購入!

Name Swtdays Role 2nd class Member
Race Gallente,Gallentean Date of Birth 2006.06.29
Active Time 20:30〜22:30 Date of Join 2007.01.03
Active Area Essence / Everyshore / Domain
Ship Raven / Dominix(Support) / Retriever etc...
Main Work Mission Running / Round in DED
Comment Almost holiday only

Name Nanasi gonbei Role 3rd class Member
Race Gallente,Intaki Date of Birth 2007.02.09
Active Time When forgetting...
     or 19:00〜24:00
Date of Join 2007.02.18
Active Area Piacid/Genesis/Essence/Sinq Laison/Domain
Ship Catalyst*2 / Tristan*1
Main Work Loot & Salvage
Comment Semper fi! Do or die! Gung ho,gung ho,gung ho!

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